Personal Service
This business is ALL about service. From the day you contact us, we will work with you to establish the perfect menu and service level for your party. We have cooked for crowds of more than 600 people, and we do parties as small as 6 people. We have the ability to cook vegan, vegetarian, and accomodate food allergies. We do intimate private parties in your home or location of choice, large parties such as weddings at Zar's or the location of your choice. Many parties that we do are in beautiful Bayfield, Wisconsin, a favorite wedding destination spot. We do picnics, corporate functions, funeral dinners, reunions, wedding and baby showers, and any other type of event! One of our favorite venues is Big Top Chautauqua in Bayfield, where we serve the entertainers prior to or after the concerts. This is a fun business, and the attitude of the staff will reflect that. 
We do this because we love it!

 Sutherland Ranch 


Candlelight Catering 

Mason, WI

Candlelight Catering is an off-shoot business of our farming operation. The commercial kitchen is located at Zar's Mel-O-Dee bar, near Ashland, Wisconsin. We can seat up to 200 people, and have an outdoor party patio in the back. Lots of parking, 2 full bars, unlimited possibilities! We are only 3 miles from The Wildrose Barn (, a new venue to the Ashland area, and one of the best!

Sutherland Ranch is where we have lived since 1982. We work "real jobs" too, so our farming is more of a way of life than a money maker! We have a herd of Black Angus beef cattle that we have carefully bred and raised over the past 30 years. We also have American Quarter Horses, just a small herd of four, but they keep us busy too. Lori does a great deal of riding, and loves to trail ride. We like to host visitors to the area that are looking for a safe place to keep their horses when they are not out exploring the beautiful area. Campers are welcome too.